LXD Foundations: Learn File Types and Graphic Resources

Want to create polished designs, but don't know where to begin? Let's start with the basics together!

We'll go over the most common file types used in graphic design and eLearning. (So many acronyms!) I'll also point you toward my favorite free and low-cost design resources to find high-quality photos, graphics, icons, illustrations, and more. Enjoy PDF one-pagers to reference later... plus, go on a Graphic Scavenger Hunt to apply what you've learned!

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LXD Foundations: Create Dynamic Designs in PowerPoint!

Looking for an easy way to gussy up your graphics? No need to invest in fancy software.

In this course, you'll learn some easy hacks and techniques to make your designs really shine using PowerPoint! Plus, you'll get hands-on practice along the way with downloadable PowerPoint workbooks. Dig in!

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LXD Foundations: Crop It Like It's Hot Using PowerPoint

Working with photography in your projects? Don't miss this Nugget!

Cropping is SO much more than splicing and dicing. It's a complex artform that can really elevate your graphic design! I really believe that learning how to leverage PowerPoint's Crop Tool to its fullest potential is THE #1 cheat code to better design. In this course, I'll show you why... and then you'll get a chance to practice with hands-on workbooks. Let's crop to it!

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